Agatized Fossil Coral Towers


Also known as fossilized coral, agatized coral, or coral jade, these towers have tiny fossils of marine life immortalized throughout the towers. They can be found in many colors and patterns. Get yours today!

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These incredible towers combine the metaphysical properties of agate, coral, and fossils because they are a unique combination of all three. Fellow Pisces and those who work with oceanic energies in their spiritual work may find this to be a special treat!

Along with agate, fossil, and coral metaphysical properties, we have included chalcedony since agate is a chalcedony and they combine their metaphysical properties as well.

Agate Metaphysical Properties:

  • Balances yin/yang energies
  • Balances the etheric bodies with the mental, physical, and emotional bodies
  • Stabilizes and cleanses the auric body
  • Helps one to look closely at the self and circumstances relevant to ones well-being
  • Enhances analytical thinking, precision, and highlights one’s inherent talents
  • Enhances connection to entities in spiritual realms and assists in drawing inspiration from them
  • Astrological Association: Gemini
  • Numerical Vibration: 7

Chemical Composition:

  • Silicon Dioxide- SiO2

Coral Metaphysical Properties:

  • Great for diplomacy
  • Brings peace within the Self and calms emotions
  • Great for intuition, visualization, and imagination
  • Can help one to communicate with past spiritual masters of this world
  • Enhances the transfer of knowledge
  • Astrological Association: Pisces
  • Numerical Vibration: 22

Fossil Metaphysical Properties:

  • Enhances telepathy between this world and its past worlds and other current worlds
  • Brings quality and excellence to business pursuits
  • Helps to rid oneself of “old programming” and be aware of and receptive to innovative energies available
  • Astrological Association: Virgo
  • Numerical Vibration: 8

Size: Approx. 70-80mm or 2.75-3.14″

Please Note:

  1. Sizes and weights are approximate.
  2. The colors may vary due to monitor differences.
  3. Please use your own judgment when allowing children to handle.
  4. Do not immerse directly in water for ingestion or topical applications.

Chalcedony Metaphysical Properties:

  • Balances the energies of the body, mind, spirit, and emotions
  • Encourages brotherhood, brotherly love
  • Has a nurturing energy that fosters benevolence and good will
  • Helps to alleviate sadness, irritability
  • Enhances responsiveness and generosity
  • *Some say there is a chakra association with the Crown
  • Astrological Association: Cancer, Sagittarius, and some say Pisces
  • Numerical Vibration: 9

Chemical Composition:

  • Silicon Dioxide- SiO2


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