Magickal Oils

Beginning with our gemstone-infused Ultimate Fortune & Finance Oil, we are creating a line of oils for magical use that can be used to dress candles and more. While these are not suitable for use on the body, we are creating oils that are. All of our oils are made in small batches to ensure quality.

Versatile, Spiritually-Inspired Body Oils

Great for oil cleansing, facial moisturizing, or an after shower body oil, these versatile and pleasant smelling oils can be used on the body or for spell work. These incredible oils were created under the guidance of the amazing Mother, Santa Muerte.

New Offerings Coming Soon

We will be expanding both lines of the magickal-use only and hybrid body care & magickal use oils in the near future. We hope to add some for use in conjunction with energy healing practices as well as more for use in magickal works.

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