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Connected in Spirit

Connected in Spirit—but what does that mean?

Unity & Love

The world is changing; a new paradigm is coming online. Much of human history has focused on personal gain and separatism. While we appreciate individuality, unity and love shared as a human family will be what sets our hearts and souls free. Many spiritual paths highlight loving others as you should love yourself. If we all do our part to heal and follow our souls, unity and love will prevail!

Soul Family & Friends: Light in Extension

We Want to Do the Improbable

We want to create a community of spiritually-minded friends and chosen family that leaves behind hatred and the old paradigm of division between spiritual communities. Differences in religion and spiritual paths must not continue to wear away at the union of planet. It is something we must constantly work toward—within and without. It is up to us. Are you in?

Sharing the Journeys of Spirituality & Wellness

Holistic Healing for the Entire Planet

We want to create a community in which we can share honestly and openly our journeys toward spiritual fulfillment and overall health & wellness—no matter what that means to you. Perhaps most importantly, we strive to do our part as a company to share our vision with environmental responsibility at the forefront of all we do.

As we grow and as more options are made available to us, we plan to use the most environmentally-friendly practices that we can. We cannot strive for wellness as a human family alone. This goal must include a balanced mindset in which the planet, its environmental systems, and all life found within is treated with the same, or greater, love and adoration that we would bestow upon our own soul families and friends.

“One world, one soul.”

~ Pink Floyd ~

Solve et Coagula

Spiritual Alchemy Meets Business with a Soul

Combining and balancing the elements of spirit with those of business can be both fruitful for the soul and create abundance in business. We seek to bring as many different spiritual paths together “under one roof” for more than just lining the proverbial pocketbook. Creating businesses that reflect the spirit within is a powerful process that can create an economy based on more than the value of our currency and how much of the stake we have claimed. We can create spiritual currents that translate to spiritual currency as well.

“All of this has happened before…”

“…but the question remains: does all of this HAVE to happen again?”

~ Inner Six and Inner Baltar; Battlestar Galactica, Episode “Epilogue” ~

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