Gemstone Ghost Figurines


Are you ready to see the cutest ghosts you have ever seen? Wait…have you ever seen one before?!

African JadeAmethystBlack LabradoriteBlack ObsidianBlack RhodoniteBlue AventurineBlue OpaliteBrecciated JasperCherry QuartzClear QuartzCrazy AgateDalmation JasperDragon Blood JasperFlash LabradoriteGarnetGreen AventurineGreen Spot JadeOpaliteRandom Mix StonesRed AmphiboleRed MahoganyRed Picasso JasperRhyoliteRose QuartzRuby ZoisiteSesame Red StoneTiger EyeXiuyan JadeYellow Jade
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Perfect for an ancestor altar or the witch who loves Samhain and that season, we offer these adorable gemstone ghosts! Adopt a friend or two today! Sorry, Casper (a certain friendly ghost) is unavailable.

Gemstone Options:

  1. *Random
  2. Brecciated Jasper
  3. Cherry Quartz***
  4. Dragon Blood Jasper
  5. Green Aventurine**
  6. Labradorite
  7. Larvikite Labradorite = Larvikite
  8. Opalite**
  9. Pink Black Rhodonite = Rhodonite**
  10. Rose Quartz
  11. Tiger Eye
  12. Black Obsidian = Obsidian
  13. Blue Aventurine**
  14. Clear Quartz
  15. Dalmation Jasper = Dalmatian Jasper
  16. Red Mahogany = (AKA Red Obsidian/Mahogany Obsidian)
  17. Rhyolite = Galaxy Rhyolite/Que Sera/Llanite
  18. Yellow Jade = Butter Quartz
  19. Crazy Agate (AKA Mexican Agate/Mexican Lace Agate/Mexican Crazy Lace Agate/Crazy Lace Agate)
  20. Xiuyan Jade (A type of nephrite jade)
  21. Amethyst
  22. Red Picasso Jasper = Red Spider Web Jasper
  23. African Jade = Afghan/Afghanistan Jade (Afghanistan Green Onyx/Afghanistan Jade Onyx; not technically onyx but is actually travertine, a variety of aragonite & often mislabeled as African)
  24. Ruby Zoisite
  25. Green Spot Jade/Jasper (AKA Qinghai Jade/Jasper or Kunlun Jade)
  26. Sesame Red Stone = Red Sesame Jasper
  27. Blue Opalite**
  28. Garnet
  29. Red Amphibole = Katophorite

Size: Approx. 30-33mm x 28mm or 1.18-1.29″ x 1.10″

Lot Sizes:

  • 1pc
  • 5pcs
  • 10pcs
  • 20pcs

Please Note:

  1. Sizes and weights are approximate.
  2. The colors may vary due to monitor differences.
  3. **Aventurines are sometimes dye-enhanced or manmade with quartz and dye. The rhodonite may be dye-enhanced. Opalites are manmade opalescent glass.
  4. ***Cherry quartz is a manmade quartz gemstone that incorporates cinnabar. Some gemstones, such as cinnabar, can be dangerous. Please wash your hands after handling any gemstone that you are unsure of. Please use your own judgment when allowing children to handle. Purchase at your own discretion.
  5. Please use your own judgment when allowing children to handle.
  6. Please do not immerse directly in water for ingestion or topical applications.
  7. Some gemstones pictured may not be for sale from the vendor. The listing may change as the vendor’s availability changes.


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