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Distance crystal healing therapy is a form of energy healing that involves the use of various crystals and gemstones to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is believed that different crystals possess unique vibrational frequencies that can interact with the body’s energy field, or aura, to help restore balance and harmony. Schedule a healing session today!


Distance crystal healing therapy is a form of energy healing that involves the use of various crystals and gemstones to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Practitioners believe that different crystals possess unique vibrational frequencies that can interact with the body’s energy field, or aura, to help restore balance and harmony. This practice dates back thousands of years and is rooted in ancient traditions and beliefs about the healing properties of crystals.

Lindsey is our resident Certified Crystal Healing practitioner. An average session takes about 45 minutes and includes a report. The report is provided within 24 business hours of the energy work being completed. We are only offering this as a distance healing modality at this time.

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is a holistic practice that involves the manipulation and balancing of the body’s energy fields to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It is based on the belief that disruptions or imbalances in the body’s energy flow can lead to illness, pain, or emotional distress. Energy healers use various techniques, such as Reiki, acupuncture, or chakra balancing, to channel or direct healing energy to the recipient.

Energy healing is thought to work by clearing blockages in the energy field, restoring balance, and stimulating the body’s natural healing abilities. Practitioners believe that by working with the body’s energy system, they can help to release negative emotions, reduce stress, and promote relaxation, which can in turn support the body’s ability to heal itself. While the mechanisms of energy healing are not fully understood or scientifically proven, many people report feeling a sense of calm, relief from pain, or improved well-being after receiving energy healing sessions. Our distance crystal healing therapy are one great way that you can dip your toes into the world of energy healing.

Please note that energetic healing therapies are fluid, much like how the immune system’s ability to protect you is based on your overall homeostasis and the care you provide your body, mind, and spirit. If you don’t eat well and don’t exercise, your immune and other systems will not function optimally. Once energy healing work is completed, the client must ensure that they continue any mental or physical health care as needed. The results of energy healing are as long-lived as your self-care is strong. Also, there is “normal wear and tear.” What that means is that even if you achieved the best possible results, over time, things will fall out of balance for a wide variety of reasons, as is true of the human body. In short, energy healing will help, but you must be responsible for the care you give yourself in daily life and learn to be aware of your own energetic states so that you will know when an imbalance is beginning to arise.

Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind that shadow work and trauma healing work are very important for many of us and often go unexplored. They are also prime examples of other therapies that work well with energetic healing practices to support your overall mental and emotional health. As with maintaining the physical body to see longer lasting results with energy healing, one must also maintain the mind, proverbial heart, and soul to see the best results of any treatment, medical or alternative.

What Does Science Say About Energy Healing & Crystal Healing?

While there is ongoing research in the field of bioelectromagnetics and energy medicine, the existence of an “energy body” and the idea that our bodies respond to different frequencies are still considered controversial within the scientific community. Some studies have suggested that our bodies may be sensitive to electromagnetic fields and that certain frequencies can have physiological effects, such as influencing brain activity or promoting relaxation. However, the concept of an “energy body” as described in alternative healing practices like Reiki or acupuncture is not widely accepted or supported by mainstream scientific evidence. More research is needed to better understand the mechanisms behind these phenomena and to determine the validity of claims related to energy healing and the existence of an energy body.

While crystal healing therapy is widely used and valued by many individuals, it is important to note that scientific evidence supporting its effectiveness is limited.

There have been some scientific studies that have attempted to measure the energetic output of gemstones, particularly in the field of crystal healing therapy. One method used to measure the energetic properties of gemstones is through the use of technology such as biofeedback devices, electromagnetic field detectors, and Kirlian photography.

Biofeedback devices, for example, can measure subtle energy changes in the body when exposed to different gemstones. By monitoring physiological responses such as skin conductance, heart rate variability, and temperature changes, researchers can assess the impact of gemstones on the body’s energy field.

Electromagnetic field detectors are another tool used to measure the electromagnetic energy emitted by gemstones. These devices can detect and quantify the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by gemstones, providing insight into their energetic properties.

Kirlian photography is a technique that captures the energy field, or aura, surrounding an object or living being. By photographing gemstones using Kirlian photography, researchers can visually observe and analyze the energetic output of the gemstones.

While these methods have been used to study the energetic properties of gemstones, it is important to note that the results of such studies are often subjective and open to interpretation. The scientific community generally remains skeptical of the efficacy of measuring the energetic output of gemstones, as the concept of subtle energy fields and their interaction with gemstones is not well understood or widely accepted within mainstream science.

Overall, while there have been attempts to measure the energetic output of gemstones using scientific methods, the results are often inconclusive and do not provide definitive evidence to support the claims made by proponents of crystal healing therapy. It is essential for individuals interested in distance crystal healing therapy to approach it with an open mind and to consider it as a complementary practice for promoting overall well-being and balance.

LEAD TIMES: If there are any delays in getting to readings quickly, they will be posted here with an approximation of the lead time.

DISCLAIMER: These readings are subject to interpretation and are given for “entertainment only.” There is no guarantee as to the accuracy of the reading. These readings do not replace professional medical, legal, or other professional advice. These readings do not force you to follow a particular course of action or attempt to exert any form of control over your free will and common sense. The contents of a reading are not legally binding. Any decisions made or actions taken by you as a result of your reading are your sole responsibility. Lindsey and Arizona Bay Spiritual Supply assume no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any client decisions, subsequent to, or based on, my these readings. Please use your own common sense and judgment at all times. It is only with the complete understanding and acceptance of the above that your reading will take place. We do not offer readings to anyone under 18 years of age. By purchasing this reading, you confirm you are 18 years of age or over. There are no refunds for completed readings. We do not take cancellations for purchased readings. If requested at least 2 business days prior to the appointment time, we can reschedule you by email. Please contact: Info@spiritualsupply.shop if you need to reschedule. Your purchase is your agreement to the conditions of this disclaimer and consent to perform the reading.

The distance crystal healing therapy sessions are not a replacement for traditional Western medicine. Energy healing therapies are not standalone treatments, nor are they cures. They are meant to be used in tandem with appropriate medical and mental health care. As such, we are not responsible for any changes, or lack thereof, in health status.

My Promise to You:

  • All readings are completely private and confidential.
  • I will be honest in what I see and will not give false hopes or empty promises.
  • I will be compassionate and sensitive to your feelings and will not judge or condemn.
  • I do not give readings to persons under the age of 18 without the consent of their parent or guardian.
  • I will never refuse a client on the grounds of race, color, religion, disability or sexual orientation.


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