Gemstone Infusions- What You Should Know

You will find products all over the Internet such as the “crystal infuser water bottle” or directions for you to make “crystal elixirs.” These are gemstone infusions. You might ask yourself: Why do people do this and is it safe? Both are great questions. Whether you choose to purchase our products or look elsewhere, we believe that the power to make informed decisions is fundamental to harnessing and exercising your Power of Choice in the marketplace. We hope to answer these questions as well as inform you so that you can choose the products that best suit your preferences.


Let’s look at why some people would use gemstone infusions. Energetic healing is the category under which many forms of alternative therapies fall. There are many forms of energetic healing, such as Reiki and crystal or gemstone healing/therapy. What connects these types of therapies is a basic belief that the Universe is made of several types of vibrations, or energies, which interact in various ways.

This belief is the foundation for why many use crystals and gemstones to assist with physical healing as well as emotional, mental, and spiritual support/healing tools. I will not delve into the science or beliefs behind energetic healing therapies, though, as my purpose here is to simply introduce the idea behind the “why.” Many are unaware of any safety considerations when using gemstones, especially in gemstone infusions. So, just what are the safety concerns?

Safety Considerations

The safety of using crystals and gemstones in various therapies depends on how they are used. One traditional use includes placement of the crystals on the skin or body. While this is not an infusion or elixir, it does have to do with safety. In most cases, this is a safe form of use. However, if they are not cleaned, or in some cases, sealed with wax or other coatings, it is not a good idea. But why isn’t it a good idea?

Gemstones and crystals are composed of the elements found in the periodic table. As you likely know, not every element is safe to hold or touch. Depending on the element or compound found in the stone, it could be completely safe to handle. Even some of the safest gemstones could be an inhalation hazard if one were to inhale the dust. is our favorite place to look at the chemical composition of gemstones. We create our safety guidelines based on the data found there and elsewhere. Now that we have discussed a very common way that people use gemstones and the safety considerations, let’s look at the infusion methods of use.

Gemstone Infusion Methods

If you have purchased or shopped around for a crystal infusion water bottle, you might have noticed that some setups separate the gemstones from the water, usually using a glass holder that fits within the water bottle. Others do not separate them but infuse them like tea in an infuser bottle. These two methods are the indirect and direct infusion methods. Many crystal or gemstone infusions are created using the direct method of infusion. However, out of an abundance of caution, there are some product creators that use the indirect method. If you have a preferred method of infusion and are unsure of how a certain product was created, it is best to ask the product creator. How do these methods work?

Direct Infusion

In direct infusion, the gemstones are placed directly within the water or another medium. Sometimes the stones are left within the medium. In other infusions, they are only left inside for a certain period of time. Over time, compounds can leach into the infusion with direct immersion. In either case, there is the possibility of dust entering the compound if the gemstones were not properly cleaned prior to immersion. It is believed that the energy of the gemstones is transmitted directly into the immersion medium.

Indirect Infusion

With indirect infusion, the crystals or gemstones are placed around the product creation, and the energy is directed toward it. This is very similar to using gemstones in crystal grids or keeping a gemstone in your pocket. The energy is believed to radiate into the areas around it (remember, air is one medium through which radio waves are transmitted). It is believed that this method imbues the creation with energy just as completely as the direct method. There may be some people who disagree and prefer the direct method. We believe in the Power of Choice. You should have the freedom to choose what suits you.

Our Process & Closing Thoughts

After conducting our own research, we have decided to use both methods under certain conditions in our products. There are a handful of gemstones that we trust for direct infusion. However, it is our opinion that the vast majority of crystals and stones are best suited for the indirect infusion method. We hope to provide the safest experience for our customers. As such, we carefully choose the crystal infusion method that is both functional and safe. The aesthetic does not outweigh our commitment to safety. We will always do our best to act out of an abundance of caution and consideration for the variety of customers that we hope to serve.

Now that you have learned a little about infusion methods, do you have a preference? Do you want to share an opinion about your experiences? Sound off and comment below!

IMPORTANT Side Note: Please do not use gemstone gravel in aquariums unless it is an undyed quartz variety that has been well-rinsed.

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