Green Fluorite Specimens


These green fluorite specimens are top notch! Each piece is unique and sure to please!

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These incredible green fluorite specimens are awe-inspiring! Each piece is a one of a kind and makes a perfect gift.

Green fluorite has similar metaphysical properties to fluorite, but also expands on it. For this reason, information for both forms are given below.

**These are WYSIWYGs (what you see is what you get). Each option is for a single, unique piece that is as pictured upon selection in the options.

Green Fluorite Metaphysical Properties:

  • Cleanses and revitalizes the chakras
  • Can help eliminate negativity in a room and to diminish mild trauma in the emotional body
  • Transmutes negativity into the Light and love of the Universe
  • Chakra Association: Typically based on color; Heart
  • Astrological Association: Capricorn, Pisces
  • Numerical Vibration: 2

Chemical Composition:

  • Calcium Fluoride- CaF2

Lot Size: Varies, WYSIWYG (weight is given in grams and size is given in mm for each selection’s picture, 28.35g is about an ounce and 1 inch = 25.4mm)

Please Note:

  1. Sizes and weights are approximate.
  2. The colors may vary due to monitor differences.
  3. Please use your own judgment when allowing children to handle.
  4. Do not immerse directly in water for ingestion or topical applications.

Fluorite Metaphysical Properties:

  • Brings order to chaos
  • Enhances unbiased and impartial reasoning
  • Assists with discernment, dispels illusion and reveals truth
  • Enhances focus
  • Purifies and cleanses
  • Chakra Association: Typically based on color
  • Astrological Association: Often said to be Capricorn and Pisces
  • Numerical Vibration: 7


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