Please Note: This reading is timeless. Meaning, it does not matter how long after the reading has been published; when you read this is when it it could be effective in your life.

Hello, Readers!

This reading really fits in well with the current astrological chart. First, we begin with the Soul Truth Self-Awareness cards. The chosen card really does set the tone for the Lenormand cards this week. We are looking at where we should take risks to make our dreams come true. Ask yourself what risk do you need to take to make your dreams come true?

The main idea of this reading comes from Soul Truth Self-Awareness card on which the back says,

“Be not mistaken, you will have to take bigger risks than you ever thought possible on this path towards your dreams. You will have to take the BIG, SCARY LEAP. But do not fret, because your soul has wings.” Furthermore, the card gives an action to take, “Today’s Soul Action: What risk can you take to move towards your dreams? No more thinking, only doing. Be brave and courageous and you will discover what you are really made of.” Let’s take a look at what our Seeker’s Lenormand deck has to say about this. The cards I drew were:

Seeker’s Lenormand

  1. Star, 16
  2. Whip, 11
  3. Ship, 3


  1. 1+2 = “Meaning in suffering, questioning faith” *Remember, almost every good story about success of any sort starts with questioning and worry. You are not alone in this.*
  2. 2+3 = “Moving away from aggression, discovering conflict” *Are there naysayers in your midst? Have you been feeling the pull to move away from them? This is normal with growth sometimes. Meditate, if you can, and follow what your heart says. It won’t mislead you, as that is the most direct connection to the Creator/Source/God, etc. Trust the Lord/Light…and the signs.*
  3. 1+3 = “Wish to travel, searching for meaning” *For many, these 2 may both be true for their situations. You’ve always held the meaning within you like a tiny seed awaiting its rain. Rain isn’t just something that ruins an outing. It serves some of the highest purposes—cleansing, nourishment, etc. Look within.”

To me, the message is clear. Your dreams can come true. Step out of fear and into faith and into your power. Follow your heart and begin to walk this new path. Sometimes there are those who cannot come with us on a new leg of a journey. Accept and honor that. “The time is now”, I’m hearing from my Guides.

As always, take what resonates, as collective readings may have parts that don’t resonate with your path.

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this reading! Leave a comment, if you’d like. See you next time!

Please Note: The quoted Lenormand information comes from The rest of the blog is, in part, channeled by me, Lindsey. I forgot to mention in the last blog, but the portion in the asterisk AFTER the quoted material is channeled as well.

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