Please Note: This reading is timeless. Meaning, it does not matter how long after the reading has been published; when you read this is when it it could be effective in your life.

Hello Everyone and welcome back!

This week, I am also pulling 3 Seeker’s Lenormand cards with a special new addition from the Prism Oracle. The theme this week is success. The card drawn from the Prism Oracle will not be the main focus, but it will enhance the overall Lenormand reading. I am being called to have everyone who reads this to carefully scan the imagery of these specific Lenormand cards. Layers of meaning exist here, and you can find helpful hints that fit your situation if you connect with your intuition.

The Spread

  1. Home- 4, home, safety, tradition, establishment, privacy, conservation
  2. Ship- 3, departure, farewell, distance, voyage, travel, adventure, *journey*
  3. Birds (Numerology note: 4 x 3 = 12, take it as it suits you or doesn’t)- 12, worry, excitement, chattering, anxiety
Prism Oracle card, strength

Prism Oracle drawn- Strength (red)- The image shows a pillar. A pillar is something upon which buildings, such as homes, rest upon and rely upon for support and strength. When this card is drawn, emotional strength is highlighted (but other forms may also be relevant to you). We are to find the inner strength to face and overcome fears and obstacles. The idea is to dig deep and use that courage to make your dreams come true or at least get through any difficult times you may be facing right now. No matter how this applies to your life, the general feeling is to use that storehouse of strength from within to enhance your likelihood of success. I’m also getting that for those who may have recently been through something that they consider a failure, it is not the end. “Learn from it because success is found in this key (my Guides’ words, not mine)”. Let’s take a dive into the Lenormand combinations.

  1. 1 & 2 = 7 combined, moving away from tradition, leaving home, *leaving comfort, expansion*
  2. 2 & 3 = 15/6 combined, anticipation regarding travel, worry about travel, *fear of the journey*
  3. 1 & 3 = 16/7 combined, a chaotic home, gossip about home life, worry about family, *home can refer to the internal self*

The asterisk is for things that were channeled from my Guides. Numerology notes: the 3 Lenormand cards combined equal 19/1, new beginnings (among other things).

Final Thoughts

So, remember that the theme is success. A few channeled questions arose. Are you at home with yourself no matter where you are? What does home really mean to you? What does success mean regarding some specific journey you might be in the midst of or one you may be about to start? What does success mean in your life in general and from your own, uninhibited perspective? Do you fear the journey? Do you fear leaving whatever you consider to be home? What is going on within? Are you at home within yourself or is it chaotic? From another perspective, one may need to ask if that chaotic home life in his/her/their current situation is worth sacrificing the possibly stable and happy home of the future out of fear of failure?

We hope you will ponder this message and find what significance it holds for you, if any. Feel free to comment below.

Thank you for reading!

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