Please Note: This reading is timeless. Meaning, it does not matter how long after the reading has been published; when you read this is when it it could be effective in your life.

When deciding what to write about this week, I got an intuitive nudge to do some form of collective reading, which I confirmed with my Guides. I drew 3 Lenormand cards and one card from the Childhood Oracle cards deck. This reading is a collective reading that is focused on family and shadow work. If you are unsure of what shadow work is, there are many ways it has been described. I think of it as internal work that is psychological as well as spiritual in nature that takes you through the darkest parts of ourselves and our experiences to help us transmute our past and our pain into metaphorical gold to use in the rest of our lives. To me, shadow work is healing work. It is an important key to personal alchemy.

The Spread

In this reading, the Childhood Oracle card sets the tone and the 3 Seeker’s Lenormand cards bring in more specific details. Please note that there is always variation in the symbology and how it would be interpreted for each individual in the collective. You might find additional layers of depth and meaning when viewing the pictures of the cards drawn. Take what resonates from my reading and pass on the rest. It would be wise to connect with your intuition and Spiritual Team to glean any relevant and important meaning that may be more specific to you.

Childhood Oracle card:

  1. 34 Breakthrough
Oracle card from Childhood Oracle called Breakthrough

Seeker’s Lenormand cards:

  1. 25 Ring
  2. 14 Fox
  3. 33 Key

Childhood Oracle Card

Right away, looking at the Breakthrough card, I was called to notice how the grandparents and the children are with you and taking delight in the breakthrough. The children in our lives (even if they are nephews and nieces) will mirror lessons we need to learn, but also, these same children may be cheering us on from the level of the soul to complete our shadow work and heal ourselves and our family lines. Our elders also enjoy watching, cheering for, and guiding us as we grow and flow with the game of life.

Also, did you notice that they are sneaking a peek at a baseball game or “the big game”? Sometimes we refer to life as a big game, not just certain important games in sports such as baseball. So, it seems that the family has come together for this breakthrough so that they may all share in the excitement of the big game, e.g., a big moment in your history which could also be seen as the breakthrough itself.

Going a Bit Deeper

Further, the “no loitering” sign on their side of the fence is interesting because they are all breaking that rule to partake in the breakthrough, but there is a deeper meaning I’m called to share. Loitering means to simply hang around and take up usable space. In our personal Hero’s Journey, we are not supposed to loiter and sit in one spot for too long. We are meant to grow, to keep moving overall. Yes, there are times of rest, but resting is not the same as loitering.

Even their little dog is shown joining in the fun of breaking through. Some readers may have doggy familiars that assist them or loving family dogs who would revel in the success on their friend’s important quest. In numerology, 34 is broken down into a 7 number. If either number has been important in your world recently, you might want to look into that for more clues to your personal meaning.

A Bit of Numerology

Continuing with the basic numerology, the first Lenormand card is the Ring, 25. That number also is broken down to the single digit 7. So, now we have 2 seven-related cards. The second card is the Fox, 14. 14 can be boiled down to 5 which is often interpreted as change and the 7x 2 also equals 14. The third card is the Key, 33. 33 is special because it is a Master Number and it also breaks down to the number 6. Master Numbers have special esoteric meanings and I encourage you to do some research there, if you feel the call. If we add all 4 of the card numbers together in their delineated state, we get 7 + 7 + 5 + 6 = 25 or 7. That means that the overall number vibration of this reading corresponds to 7.

The Lenormand Cards

Before we look at the combinations, let’s look at the basic ideas behind each card. The Ring is about cooperation, cycles, and commitments of all sorts. The Fox card is about trickery, selfishness, self-care, and caution. Finally, the Key is about revelations, unlocking, resolution, openness, and achievement. It is clear that each of these cards can have varied meanings. That is why it is important to look at the combinations and the specifics of your personal situation.

Now, let’s look at the combinations in the Lenormand cards and their basic meanings.

  1. 1+2 = Ring and Fox (Numerology note: 7 + 5 = 12 = 3)- This combination is about promises or commitments being selfish or offered as lies and perhaps as a form of coercion. Sometimes selfish reasons are not necessarily negative. Let’s keep that in mind and keep reading.
  2. 2+3 = Fox and Key (Numerology note: 5 + 6 = 11, another Master Number, or 2)- This combination talks about conflict regarding being open like being cautious or suspicious, having a fear of opening up.
  3. 1+3 = Ring and Key (Numerology note: 7 + 6 = 14 = 5)- This combination is about entering contracts, making promises, taking on commitments, and specifically, the commitment to understanding. The commitment to understanding stands out for me. What about you? Before we move on, let’s take note that these 3 number combinations equal a total of 1, new beginnings (3 + 2 + 5 =10 = 1).

Putting It Altogether

While for some the first combination may be more about coercion, my leaning is toward the idea that you took on this commitment to breaking generational curses, at least in part, as a form of self-care, to heal. The next combination shows that it may be very difficult to open up to the healing because of the pain that likely lingers or that might be re-experienced (and hopefully released through the healing process). The final combination speaks to making a promise to yourself to take on this healing journey or to keep going through it with a commitment to understanding and perhaps to yourself. Knowing that the Breakthrough card was the main idea, these cards indicate that a breakthrough is coming if you follow through with this commitment to healing and/or breaking generational curses. Moreover, your Ancestors and perhaps living Soul Family are rooting for you and sharing in the journey with you. As so many say in the TikTok Tarot Reading world, “I love you. You got this. Keep going!”

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